Will Lymphedema Therapy “Fix Me”?

Will Lymphedema Therapy “Fix Me”?

December 28, 2022

Lymphedema therapy is a treatment to educate, reduce edema, prevent infection and wounds, start a home exercise program, and set up a successful maintenance program that the person will continue on daily for their self care. At this time, there is no cure for lymphedema. Surgeries, pharmaceuticals, and gene mapping are being pursued currently with high hopes of understanding this disease more completely. Lymphedema therapy uses the gold standard of CDT, complete decongestive therapy, with the person to better control their disease and prevent its progressive nature. I tell my patients that “CDT is done WITH you and not done FOR you”. Meaning my end goal is that the person with lymphedema and their caregivers will be able to manage the disease after my healthcare plan is complete. Yearly visits are expected due to garment resizing, various factors effecting edema including health status changes/medication changes/infections/etc, and possibly starting CDT again to reduce edema. Lymphedema is manageable, with the right healthcare professional and the right supplies.

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