Wound Care

What Is Wound Care in Saint Cloud?

At Pathways, we are proud to offer an all-encompassing range of wound care services, specially curated for patients grappling with the challenging conditions of compromised vascular and lymphatic function. While a host of treatment options are available for ailments such as venous insufficiency, chronic lymphedema, although incurable, can be skillfully managed to control its progression.

Our multi-faceted approaches, ranging from the elevation of the affected limb to the utilization of compression techniques involving support garments or assistive devices, are integral to our preventive strategy. This minimizes the possibility of functional and mobility impairments that may stem from untreated lymphedema, enabling patients to maintain their quality of life.

One of the pillars of our treatment protocol is a stringent focus on hygiene. With the risk of infection being high for lymphedema patients, maintaining exemplary hygiene and injury prevention is not just a suggestion – it’s a lifestyle. Our team of experts provides extensive guidance on maintaining cleanliness, preventing injuries, and ensuring our patients’ overall well-being.

What Are Ways To Keep A Wound Clean?

In instances where a lymphedema patient or those with vascular issues experience a wound, our comprehensive wound care protocol swings into action. Our method involves:

Debridement techniques effectively eradicate necrotic or dead tissue, paving the way for healthy tissue growth.

Gentle scrubbing and irrigation procedures to cleanse the wound thoroughly.

Utilization of compressive, nonadhesive dressings to aid wound healing.

Incorporation of massage therapy sessions designed to promote fluid drainage.

Customized exercise routines involving gentle muscle contractions to stimulate lymphatic fluid movement.
Where necessary, surgical intervention is to alleviate the buildup of excess lymphatic fluid.
Our therapeutic options sometimes involve the use of innovative practices such as electrostimulation or laser therapy. These advanced techniques can expedite wound healing, reducing the recovery time for our patients.

Our team of lymphedema specialists remains vigilant, continuously monitoring the wound healing process to mitigate the risk of potential complications such as cellulitis and deep vein thrombosis. We strive to provide holistic care that encompasses every facet of wound management for patients contending with lymphedema and poor circulation.

What Are The Benefits Of Wound Care In Saint Cloud?

Our commitment to providing specialized wound care services is unwavering. Our patient-centric, empathetic approach ensures that every individual receives optimal treatment for managing lymphedema while preserving the balance of their everyday life. We’re here to support you, offering the resources, education, and professional care necessary for managing lymphedema effectively and minimizing disruptions to your daily routine.

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Carly F

Denise is AMAZING! My elderly father has had such difficulties with lymphedema in his legs. It’s definitely been an uphill battle. No one seemed to be doing anything to help him heal. As soon as we were able to get scheduled with Denise, she said to my dad, “Give me one month of your life, and I’ll give you back your legs.” She wasn’t kidding! I haven’t seen my dad’s legs so thin and without fluid in years! It’s truly unbelievable. If you or a family member need help, or are in the medical field wanting to learn how to give someone back their life, call Denise.” 

Jenna P

“If you want a therapy service who cares about you and your success as an individual this is the way to go. Denise has so much knowledge about the lymphatic system, edema, and lymphedema and she will share that with you!”