Why Is Water Important When I Have So Much Swelling Already?!?!

Why Is Water Important When I Have So Much Swelling Already?!?!

May 11, 2022

Water makes up about 60% of the human body at any given time. It nourishes every cell in our body, regulates our temperature, lubricates our bones, is the transportation for vitamins and minerals to organs and tissues, and is primarily in our blood and lymph fluid. When water leaks out into our tissues and builds up, this is edema. Edema is a symptom of water spilling into our tissues; maybe an injury, or pregnancy, or too much salt in our food. If you elevate the limb, the water will go back into the system and leave. If you have had surgery, your body is fighting to heal the incisions and will recruit several anti inflammatory soldiers along with water to heal you up. If you are dehydrated, healing will take longer. When Manual Lymphatic Drainage is performed, water is needed for transportation of the cellular debris, to maintain blood pressure, to maintain blood flow, and hydrate the skin for optimal healing. If you have lymphedema, then proteins in the tissue are causing the swelling and no amount of elevation will get rid of it. When proteins spill out, the pull water with them. That means dry, flaky skin and less water in the blood. Water is the transportation for all cellular debris and is needed to move all the gunk out. It is recommended that an average adult drink at least 70-120 ounces of water and increase if outside temperature is hot, if you are increasing your activity level, if you have a medical condition, or are pregnant/breastfeeding.

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