What Happens to My Health Insurance after January 1st?

What Happens to My Health Insurance after January 1st?

December 29, 2022

Health insurance policies usually start at the beginning of the New Year. You will need to call your healthcare insurance representative to verify that no changes were made to your policy. If you did want a policy change, you will need to update all of your healthcare providers, including Pathways Therapy Services, so you do not have any unexpected charges. Once you provide your health insurance to PTS, we will run your medical insurance prior to your first visit after the New Year to verify any deductible, premiums, co-pays, and coverage. You will be notified of any cost or changes in your health insurance coverage from PTS prior to your first visit. Healthcare is important, and you need to stay informed of your healthcare insurance plan so that it is the best coverage for your needs. Most health insurance cards will have a customer service phone number on the back of the card issued to you. Staying proactive with your health insurance plan will save you time and headache later on.

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