Make sure you are getting the right massage!!!!

Make sure you are getting the right massage!!!!

May 21, 2022

Manual lymphatic drainage is a light touch massage to gently stretch and pull the skin to stimulate superficial lymphatics. Moving and rerouting lymph fluid help the body with healing, removing cellular debris (from bruising), creating analgesic effect (soothing), and reduce swelling. The massage should never be painful, and fluid should never be pushed or squeezed out of incisional or drainage sites through the skin. The natural pathway for lymph fluid to move is from the lymph vessels, to lymph nodes (for filtration and cleaning), to the heart, to the kidneys and then eventually the bladder where it is urinated out. At first, you might urinate alot or go often. The urine might even have a dark color or odor to it. This is the stagnant fluid finally coming out of the system. Usually after several treatments this will dissipate and urine will be normal again. It is very important to drink water while receiving this type of massage. Remember, if any licensed therapist-massage therapist, physical/occupational/speech therapist, tells you they will squeeze fluid out of your skin to reduce swelling, this is ILLEGAL. You are at risk of getting a serious infection if this type of medical procedure not done by a nurse or doctor in a hospital/surgical setting. Please ask your therapist how the massage will be performed prior to getting your first treatment post op. Make sure you are getting a certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist.

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